Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I am back! Alhamdulillah thesis submitted few weeks ago.

My plan for 2013:

1. Visit friends in Armidale at least once.
I miss Armidale heaps. The small town, the friendly people, the beautiful sceneries. I miss my friends dearly up to a point they appeared in my dreams. I miss my privacy, I miss my freedom and I miss my attempts to be independent. Armidale will always have a special place in my heart. Sobs

2. Attend graduation.
Mak and Ayah always wanted to come to Armidale but it never happened. Hopefully they will be able to come for my graduation. I love UNE's grad ceremony - held outside on the green grass in front of the beautiful Booloominbah building. I hope I can attend the ceremony :)

3. Publish all manuscripts related to PhD.
Two of the manuscripts were accepted *woot woot* and two more to go. I am thinking of doing a post-doc after few years so I should start to build up my CV! Wish me luck!

4. Gym every week!
Only after few days in Malaysia eating all these yummy food, my waistline diameter increase :O. My tummy is even bigger than both of my sister in laws (both of them are 5 months pregnant). So I need to do something to be tummy-less again andddd I want to be fit. After I have reached 30 yo, I feel like am not fit anymore. Too tired to do anything. So good luck to me trying to be fit.

5. Goiter surgery.
The lump is getting bigger and bigger. My trachea is now slightly slanted due to the pressure by the lump (maybe that explains the breathing difficulties in the middle of sleep). So hopefully I can get rid of it soon and hope it will help to reduce my anxiety.

6. Buy a car.
I never want to buy a car here because Malaysia's traffic is very scary. But I shouldn't be a chicken forever. So hopefully I will have the bravery, buy a car and drive!

So thats all for todays update. Will update soon :)

Happy New Year to all :)